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25 and Raring to Go
That's where Sulekha finds itself placed after 25 years of consolidation since its inception in 1981.

And its 25 years of existence is in itself a positive indicator that Sulekha had the required brains and brawns to keep going in an increasingly competitive environment. An environment which saw many prodigiously versatile agencies kiss success and fade into oblivion.

Moreover, during these 25 years, selective as it has been, it's small kitty of accounts has grown to a sizeable chest. Comprising as it does a good mix of private, government and the public sector.
It's untiring efforts to achieve excellence in services and advertising has earned it one Gold & two Silver trophies at the Delhi Advertising Club's Awards 1998 and two Silver trophies at the Delhi Advertising Club's Awards 2003 for 'Excellence in Advertising'.

It's years of consolidation over, Sulekha is all prepared and poised for moving into upper gear and press on the accelerator. Now, it is a Private Limited Company by constitution that proves that the 25 years old is well matured and organisationally strong.
Knowing the What, Where, When and How-Media Management
Sulekha has learnt over the years that in the final analysis the success of advertising solution lies in the choice of the media. On an effective plan rests the success of a chosen strategy as well as its creative expression.

What product and what message for what media, and how and when to time the releases are analysed in detail by the Media Managers at Sulekha. And in today's segmented and fragmented readership and viewership profile, a judicious choice within the allowed budget is an imperative to give you satisfactory returns on your adspend.

And with Sulekha you can bet on the effective media
buying-regional or national. And in an age wherein rate cards are becoming a thing of the past, Sulekha's rapport with the media and buying skills will be a bargain worth having.
Playing the Winning Strokes - Creatively
Sulekha isn't an agency that is obsessed with 'Creativity'. A rather strange confession to make for an advertising agency. We aren't the kind of agency which will demand a 100 cc space when one can do it as good in a 60 cc release, just because our visualiser would have more space to show his creativity. We are one agency which believes in cutting the coat according to the cloth (read budget). Ofcourse, if a particular advertising solution requires more adspend we'd say so unhesitatingly. In other words, we know that it also pays to keep an ad simple and straight as much as it
sometimes calls for more creative licence and innovativenes. The ultimate objective of the creative team is to play the winning stroke-make the advertising communication work and generate the required response.
Teamwork - The Winning Edge
Sulekha understands that an agency's success is attributable to good teamwork. And a good team consists of specialists who jell & work together. Thus at Sulekha, the Production guy chips in with his suggestion to the Art Director, the Copy person toys with visuals. The writers have multimedia exposure so that they can anticipate how a radio spot would sound even as they write the script. The Media person advises the creative team whether a particular style of communication is suited to the media in which the release is planned. The result-Advertising that works.
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